“Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone.”

We have heard this multiple times. In fact, it has become a cliché. But why until now do we find it difficult to break free from this?

Comfort zone is the state wherein we feel secure, comfortable or in control with the situation. We human are creature of habit. We tend to do things in a certain way or pattern, which eventually form our own identity. From infancy up to now, we have repeatedly do things in a similar way or we model after the behaviour of the people surrounding us. Once we do something out of what we usually do, we feel confused or anxious. We tend to fear what is unknown to us.

But why do we need to break free from our comfort zone?

We often heard that outside your comfort zone is where magic will happen. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll see the multiple opportunities lay ahead of you. You’ll discover that it is not scary to try something new. Your dull and monotonous life will become exciting and you’ll look forward to each day ahead of you. Best of all, by breaking free from your comfort zone, you’ll be able to acquire new skills, meet new people and grow better as an individual.

Breaking free from your comfort zone, however, is not an easy task. As mentioned earlier, we are creature of habits, and our habits starts to form since the day we were born. If you want to step outside your comfort zone, you can start by doing things differently and by taking small steps. For example, if you use your right hand to pick up your glass in the morning, try using your left hand instead. This will trigger your brain to think: “Hmmm… something is different today.”

Stepping out of your comfort zone takes a lot of courage. Don’t rush things and remember to do it slowly and consistently. Make it a habit if possible. Remember, you stepping out of your comfort zone is because you want to experience new things.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone.”

What is the relation of stepping out of comfort zone with Forex Trading?

Forex Trading involves a lot of discipline and emotional balance. As a beginner trader, you need to unlearn certain habits and form a new one during your journey as a successful trader.