Opening an account with FXPrimus is very easy. Simply go to their open an account page and key-in your details. (Note: You can use the below form to open your account.)

Once you have completed the form, you’ll be redirected to the member’s page. Now, before you can start trading, you need to provide the following (1.) colored copy of your proof of identification and (2.) proof of residence. Your proof of residence may be any billing documents that is within 6 months from opening your FXPrimus account. You’ll be notified once your account has been approved (usually within 24 hours after you have submitted the required documents).

Fund your account based on your preferred method. Please wait within 24 hours for FXPrimus to send your log-in details. Once you have received this, key it in to your MT4 account and start trading!

Inputting Your Details to MT4 Platform

Step 1: Go to File > Open a New Account

Step 2: Select the server as indicated in your account’s email confirmation

Step 3: Select “New real account”

Step 4: Input your details

Step 5: Start trading!

Do you see the green bars in the lower right of the picture below? These green bars signifies that you are connected in FXPrimus’ server. If it’s red, then your account is offline.