As a beginner or newbie to the Forex industry, you may find it difficult to determine where to start and what resources you need to start your Forex trading journey.

To cut short your learning journey and to lessen your mistakes, you will need a good and reputable Forex mentor. With the mentor’s proven trading system, such as Mario Singh’s, your winning odds will increase and unnecessary losses will be reduced.

Forex Intensive Training is one of the training programs conducted by Mario Singh, Asia’s top Forex mentor, and his team from FX1 Academy. In this training program, you will learn the following in details:

  • Introduction to Forex Trading;
  • MT4 Training;
  • Forex Trading Strategies; and
  • Forex Money Management Strategies.

Mario has revealed and demonstrated the 3 strategies that he has taught to successful private bankers in this training program. They are:

  • Power Ranger Strategy (to capture regular profits during ranging markets)
  • Great Escape Strategy (to capture quick profits during breakouts)
  • Trend Rider Strategy (to capture massive profits)

Forex Intensive Training is the complete Forex trading course that you need – where a complete beginner will learn the skills and know-how to trade Forex.

This trading course cost around USD1,888 to attend the Live class, but for the DVD series, it is priced at USD140. You will be able to learn the strategies that Mario teaches at the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price. And for a limited offer, you may purchase the DVD series at USD97 – a 30% discount!


This training program is highly recommended to beginner traders. 

Forex Intensive Training is a very informative yet detailed step-by-step guide for a beginner who wants to shorten its learning curve. In this video, Mario was able to discuss the Forex in an entertaining way where you will not feel overwhelmed with Forex information.

Having able to attend the Live program and watch this DVD series, this USD97 DVD series is definitely a bargain. You can rewind and playback the videos at your convenience – which you will not be able to do with the Live program. Also, the money saved by availing the DVD series (USD 1,791) can be used to fund your Forex live account. Visit Forex Intensive Training website

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