Our Story

We are from a conservative Asian middle-class family where money was always tight. However, we strongly believe that education does not end after you graduate college. Which is why when we started working, we saved up and strived to attend as many seminars or workshops as our savings will allow, with the aim of learning different money making opportunities and expand our knowledge. This is how we learn about Forex trading.

Here’s what we came to realize after attending several seminars – live seminars are expensive and not all are worth the price.

If you will, I’ll talk about our personal experience…

Several years ago, we paid a premium price to attend a seminar top-billed by world famous financial guru. This seminar was hyped so much that even the country’s leading bookstore was advertising it. With full of expectation and excitement, we prepared ourselves to hear the seminar of our lives. To our surprise, on the day of the event, the financial guru talked only for about 1 hour and the rest of the seminar time was allocated to different speakers selling their products.

With that experience in mind, we decided to create a website to help newbie traders get the value of their hard-earned money in choosing which Forex seminar to take. We will provide our unbiased review to different online Forex training course.

If you are wondering, why online Forex training course?

Because the money you’ll be able to save by attending an online course compared to a live seminar can be used to fund your account. Plus, you’ll gain the same amount of information. 🙂