Earlier this year, I joined a success forum where I learned about Forex educator Mario Singh and his live Forex seminar course. I was interested in learning how to make more money. Thus, I hurriedly signed up for his seminar, Forex Intensive Training, despite the expensive seminar fee of approximately USD1, 880. My reason is to expedite my learning curve.

During the 3-day seminar, I learned the following:

Day 1: Basics of Forex trading.

Day 2: How to navigate the MT4 platform, a live demonstration using a demo account and discussion on one of Mario’s three (3) trading strategies.

Day 3: Money management and Mario’s other two (2) trading strategies

The three (3) trading strategies that Mario had revealed and demonstrated are the strategies he taught to successful private bankers. The strategies are:

  • Power Ranger Strategy (to capture regular profits during ranging markets);
  • Great Escape Strategy (to capture quick profits during breakouts);
  • Trend Rider Strategy (to capture massive profits).

Overall, the 3-day live seminar is created for a complete beginner trader where you will learn the skills and know-how to trade Forex.

Why then do I wish to learn from his Forex DVD program instead?


I had the opportunity to watch his DVD program, and I learned that the contents of his DVD program are similar to his live seminar. The DVD program is a recording of one of his previous Forex Intensive Seminar. And, on top of it, the price is significantly different since the DVD program is 90% cheaper than the live seminar cost. Had I learned of this DVD program earlier, I would have used the savings I can get to fund my live trading account.

One downside of a DVD program is, you cannot ask the coach your questions on Forex. Fortunately, there is a lot of Forex communities and online resources available that will help you in your Forex education.

There is no use crying over spilled milk, though.

What are your thoughts on this? Should you attend a live seminar or go through a DVD course? Share it on the comment box below.