What is the best way to learn Forex?

No doubt, it’s learning from someone who has done it before. But what if you don’t know anyone who had done it before (or if there is, he’s not good at it)?

There’s a simple solution – learn through training courses.

But do you need to attend paid Forex courses?

There are a lot of free Forex online resources available; however, you will encounter the following problems:

  1. You’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of information available;
  2. It will take time for you to learn Forex alone; and,
  3. For free online courses, it may teach you how to place a trade, but you’ll be missing out on essential information, such as risk management and profitable Forex strategy.

Paid Forex Seminars

Arguably, attending a paid Forex Seminar is the preferred option to learn Forex as you’ll be in a face-to-face environment with a Forex coach, and be able to foster a dynamic relationship between the coach and your fellow beginner traders. The face-to-face environment allows the entire experience to not only be heard and seen but also be felt.

Paid Forex seminar, however, is very expensive. It cost thousands of dollars.

Also, since paid Forex seminar is usually a two-day live event, you will not be able to turn back time to learn what you have missed or have not understood.

Don’t you think you will be better off if you can lower your cost of learning with the same value of information? And use your savings to fund your Forex trading account?

Luckily, there are ways for you to do it – thru online Forex or Forex DVD course.

Online Forex Course

As the name implies, this type of Forex course is taught over the internet and can be accessed by you anywhere at anytime you wish to be. For a one-time payment or fixed monthly fee, you’ll have access to training videos, live webinars, articles, training materials, etc.

Online Forex course is cheaper than paid Forex seminar since the former costs hundred of dollars. Exact figures depend on the course provider you choose. Don’t forget to do your own research before signing up – focus on the training you’ll receive rather than how much money you will earn, and look for third parties testimonial. Remember, you get what you paid for.

Here’s an example of online course that you may avail:  thelazytrader.com.

Forex DVD Course

This Forex training course is a recording of a live seminar or past webinar recordings, packaged in a DVD set and sold for a cheap price. If you are in a budget constraint, this is the option for you. Generally, this training course cost less than a hundred dollars or over a little over a hundred.

The downside of this type of learning is, since it’s a past recording, you will not be able to receive coaching or ongoing support. You can, however, opt to join established Forex groups to seek guidance (Note: There’s no guarantee that they’ll reply you back). The upside, on the other hand, since this is the cheapest option, you’ll be able to avail other seminars to learn more on Forex or use the money to fund your trading account.

Here are examples of online courses that you may avail – Forex Intensive Training and Forex Wealth Foundation.

So Which One Should You Choose?

This entirely depends on you. We recommend that you select the training course that is a price you are comfortable paying. Do your own research before availing the training packages since there are a lot of courses sold that are flooded with all hype and false claims – selling you unrealistic results. A good training course should manage your expectations, so that as a beginner trader, you fully know what you are getting yourself into.