Greg Secker’s Free Forex Seminar

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Background on Learn to Trade Forex

Established in 2003 by Greg Secker, Learn to Trade Forex is a Forex Education website that provides a range of seminars, workshops, and one-on-one mentoring sessions to people who are seeking financial freedom through Forex investments.

Who is Greg Secker?


Greg Secker is the Founder and CEO of Learn to Trade Forex. A master trader, Forex educator, author and philanthropist, Greg is regularly featured on market channels including CNBC and Bloomberg.

Free Seminar Review

As you may be aware, Learn to Trade Forex provides free Forex seminars all year-round, and I did not hesitate to register since this offer is too good to pass. Plus, I’m also interested in learning the content of the seminar.

Upon my arrival at the seminar venue, I was asked to register first before I was escorted to the seminar area. (You’ll receive their flyers and an access pass to their free report upon registration.) It is a free-seating seminar, and I chose to seat at the back. The seminar speaker stood in the front with easel sheets and projector to aid his presentation. At the back of the room is where the staffs are situated.

The seminar is a 2 hours introduction to Forex and Learn to Trade Forex Organization. With only limited time to discuss, the seminar speaker gave a brief overview of Forex (mostly available on the internet) and what you can learn with their software, Smart Charts. I have yet to explore the benefits of this software, but it looks interesting with their quick live demonstration.

Basically, the Free seminar is an introduction and upsell to their main seminar (at a fee). The main seminar will be a two-day immersion course – the first day for basic theory and the second-day to learn how to use Smart Charts and strategy, plus a one-day one-on-one coaching with their professional traders. As part of the course package, you are required to provide testimonial when asked within 6 months from the start of the seminar.

Is their main seminar worth it? Maybe. But for me, I did not avail this since I had previously attended another seminar from another mentor. Also, there are DVD seminars available where you can get the same content (not the same strategy) at a cheaper price.

Did you attend Learn to Trade Forex’s seminar? Feel free to share your experience on the comment box below.