Hope you had a good trading week last week.

Here’s a quick tip before we go over last week’s trade calls.

As a Forex trader, it is important to keep your emotions check. Don’t trade with your emotions as you may miss out some important indicators that would cause you not to enter to trade had you been in a clear state of mind.

So, how do you avoid trading with your emotions? The rule is to stick to your trading plan. If you have hit consecutive losing trades, stop trading and review your trading plan. You may be missing out some details of your plan. Review and analyze how you can improve your subsequent trades. The same is true if you are unwell or if you have other concerns that are currently bothering you. Remember, if you trade using your emotions, you may make rash decisions which may blow up your entire account.

Let’s now go over the trade calls for the week of October 17 to 21, 2016, as follows:

If you have notice, there are some trade calls with MIC in the front. These are trade calls for news releases and are available for premium members of Profitpips. MIC stands for Mario‘s Inner Circle.

Below is the calculated running balance of my capital had I enter all of the trade calls:

Your account will have a net drawdown of approximately 60 dollars have you entered all trade calls. Note that the above computation does not include swap charges.

Here’s the Forex news releases for last week:

See you again next week!