How is your trading week?

Did you earn a lot? I sure hope you did! 🙂

Sadly, I have hit my maximum drawdown for the month of September, thus I have stop trading for the month. (Note: This is in accordance with the rules of what I have set in my trading plan.) But I’ll still continue trading in the subsequent months to come.  This is why it is important to protect your capital by sticking to the golden rule in trading, so that you’ll have enough capital to recover your loses. As mentioned by Warren Buffet, there are two rules in trading. They are:

Rule no. 1: Never lose money.

Rule no. 2: Don’t forget rule no. 1.

Anyway, here are the trade calls for the week:

If you have notice, there are some trade calls with MIC in the front. These are trade calls for news releases and are available for premium members of Profitpips. MIC stands for Mario‘s Inner Circle.

Below is the calculated running balance of my capital had I enter all of the trade calls:

As you can see, by entering all of the trades, your account would approximately lose 24 dollars. It must be noted also that the data above does not include swap charges.

Here’s the Forex news releases for last week:

See you again next week!