Profitpips is a trading application created by Mario Singh and his team to aide Forex traders in learning and entering trade. This trading application has various features such as receiving daily trade calls and weekly webinars.

Since this a paid application, I have decided to make a weekly documentation of the live trade calls to see if you’ll be profitable by following their trade suggestions and for you to have a basis to subscribe to this trading application.

For the week of September 19-23, 2016, there had been several trade call notifications to my mobile. Unfortunately, I was not able to pick-up all the trades, and have missed out some of the profitable ones.

Below are the screenshot of trade call notifications:

Here’s the result of my 1st week of using this application: Profit of USD0.24. (Note: I’m using a live account with a capital of USD1,000. Also, I’m following my money management of risking not more than 3%. per trade)

Had I entered to all trade notifications, not factoring swap charges, I would have loss USD27.22 of my capital. (Luckily, I was not able all trade calls. I have seen a whole week of profitable trade calls before.)

After checking all of the trade calls, some had unfortunately hit stop loss first before shooting to the direction of the trade call. :’(

Forex news release for last week:

This week there had been a lot of news releases; thus, using technical analysis to trade is harder. Hopefully, next week would be a good trading week.